Saturday, 11 November 2017

The name "Grace" and...

This is weird. 

Over the last few days I keep hearing or seeing a particular females name.
The name is 


I don't know anyone called Grace. 

I just remembered another name that kept on coming to my attention. The name is 


When this name came up a few times the name was for a male and at another time it was mentioned it was a females name. I never knew Hunter to be a females name before.

Just putting this out there in case something significant shows up.

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

UK Parliament Debates a Petition I Signed

Earlier in 2017 I signed a petition titled

"Make mental health education compulsory in primary and secondary schools."

The following is part of the petition information:

"There has been a big increase in the number of young people being admitted to hospital because of self harm. Over the last ten years this figure has increased by 68%."

When I signed the petition I honestly didn't believe anything would come of it. Then I received an email saying that the petition, because it got enough signatures, was debated in parliament in the UK on 6th Nov 2017.

I was surprised that it got debated. Then I thought,

"Is this all it takes for us to fix society and get those who run the country to do something about it?"

It’s up to people to do something. Do your part even if it is just a signature to a worthy cause.

So the problem is not all down to the government, it’s the lack of individual participation to fix society which then the government has to respond.

They were elected to help.

This is the link of the petition.

This is the link to the video of it being debated in parliament.

The way today and the future will look may well be up to you.

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The 7 Day Portal Opening

The 7 Day Portal Opening
The Week I Was Supposed To Die

10 years ago on 1st November 2007 my friend took me to the hospital as I was having problems breathing. I thought I would only be in there for an hour. I ended up coming out of the hospital 7 days later.

The doctors were waiting for me to die as my lungs were packed full of blood clots. They said it was too dangerous to try and take them out so they left them in there. I wasn’t allowed to leave the bed.

A female doctor came in and looked at my chart. After she looked at it she stood by my bed, rested her hand on my chest and sighed. She looked sad and said 

“You’re too young.” 

I knew she meant “You’re too young to die.” She was noticeably upset.

I was supposed to stay in hospital but I had enough and wanted to get out. They reluctantly let me leave on the 7th November 2007 giving me the pills I should take.

One of the days I was in hospital at night, a voice spoke to me while I was awake. It said something on the lines of,

“If you want to you can die now. It’s up to you.”

I remember saying something back to the voice like,

“People have no idea about the things I know and no-one I know of is telling them the truth. I’ll stay alive.”

I said other things that I cannot remember right now.

The voice replied,

“You have answered correctly.”

After that, the voice stopped speaking.

On the 7th day my friend came to pick me up and take me home. I opened the door to my home and made it halfway up the stairs. I was stuck on the stairs. I thought to myself,

“I'm going to die here on the stairs.”

I sat on the stairs for some time as I couldn't move.

I then said something to the voice like,

“I thought I was supposed to live?”

After sitting there for a while longer I managed to make it up the stairs and lie on my bed.

Years later, since around 2015, I have noticed that incredibly strange good things get revealed to me for me between the 1st and 7th of November each year.

This seems to be 7 days of enlightenment for me when a portal opens.

Will the portal open this year?

I hope I haven’t jinxed it by mentioning it. I am going to see what happens over the next 7 days. 

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Wake Up! Something Is Happening to the Celebs!

On 27th October 2017 it was reported that Simon Cowell “fell down some stairs” and was hospitalized.

Just 4 days later on Halloween, I see a video that Wendy Williams “overheated” in her costume.

What is happening to the celebs? Who’s next?

The first video is a quick report about Simon Cowell.

The second video is Wendy Williams falling.


I have seen some things in that dimension. What I have seen would make some people faint.

It looks like a shift is happening.

Harvey Wienstien 
Kevin Spacey
Simon Cowell – Fall
Wendy Williams – Fall

What’s happening?

In Wendy’s video, WATCH HER EYES. Is she watching something walking closer to her?

In my opinion, if she was overheated, as she explains, the common sense thing is to take off the thing on her head and leave it off.

Does all this relate to my video "Angels and Demons Fight on Earth" that youtube are restricting views and likes? Read that post and see that video at this link. Click here

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Monday, 30 October 2017

Wonder Woman is a GREAT PROPHETIC Sign - You won’t believe what I've found

If you have been reading my posts for some time you know I say things that usually have significant meaning for the present time or at a future date.
As I was writing this post more things were being revealed so I kept on typing.

 Get ready for this one!

I watched the movie Wonder Woman about two weeks ago (around 16th Oct 17). I only watched it as a friend mentioned it as something they wanted to see, so I watched it.

The film begins with a view of the world. Then the camera flies directly to France. I only want you to watch from 44 seconds to 1 min 23 seconds as that is what I am showing you. Those who have read my earlier posts may spot it straight away.

As the camera flies to France two points stick out, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. The camera ends its destination at the Louvre which is a glass pyramid.

For those who remember, I wrote a post on 20th July 2017 called “The Day I Grew Wings Like Angels Part 3.” (You can read it by clicking here).  In that post I wrote:

I saw a glass pyramid. It was in the air. Then it morphed into something that looked very similar to the Eiffel Tower.

Take another look at the video clip. You see the Eiffel Tower then the camera lands at the glass pyramid that was seen from the air.

In the video at the beginning it showed that Wonder Woman, in this present time, is living in France.

Now go back to my post in 2016.

With all the strange things I worked out about Euro 2016 I worked out that France represented the woman that was mentioned in Revelation chapter 12 (to see that post click here).

Revelation chapter 12 verse 1 says:

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

Can you see it in this verse? France represents the woman. There was a great wonder in heaven. What was it that was seen? It says it right there in that verse:

a great wonder in heaven; a woman.

A woman that is a wonder, Wonder Woman.

Remember from this moment on that the country France represents the woman, Wonder Woman.

If you did not know France did NOT win Euro 2016. Portugal won. So the emphasis is on the country France. The Euro 2016 tournament was held in France. The European Union has a flag with 12 stars. In other words, France (the woman) was given the honour, the crown of 12 stars, to host this European football tournament. Revelation 12 verse 1 mentions the woman with a crown of 12 stars.

This is the European Union Flag

In verse 5 it says the woman brought forth a man child.

And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

The scorer of the winning goal of the game was scored by Eder for Portugal.

I typed into google “Eder baby name” and this was the first thing that came up.

The name Eder is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Eder is: Flock. The biblical tower of Eder was built near Hebron as a watchtower shepherds watched their flocks from. Eder became a symbol of God's watchfulness over His people.

It says that Eder’s name means flock. In one of my Euro 2016 posts I wrote about this already. A broader meaning of the name flock means a large number of people. In Revelation 14 it talks about a large number of people - 144,000 (Eder).

On the 29th August 2017 I wrote about "The Mystery of The Pain in the Forehead?"
I came to the conclusion that the pain that lasted for around three weeks around the time of the eclipse in the USA was a number of people being sealed on their forehead. (To see that post click here).

In Revelation 7 and Revelation 14 the 144,000 were sealed in their forehead having his (the man child) father's name written in their foreheads.

So to put this into a simple form it reads,

The woman (France) brought forth a man child (Eder) who was taken up in celebratory fashion with cheers of victory; then at the time of the USA eclipse the man child had his flock (144,000) sealed on their forehead with his father’s name.

As I was writing this post something else occurred to me.

The eclipse in the USA falls in line with what I am about to show.

Matthew 24 and verse 29 says:

Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light (eclipse 21st August 2017), and the stars shall fall from the heaven, (Draco the dragon meteor/star shower 7th October 2017) and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken,

How can all this be a coincidence? Of all the people who could have scored in the final in France was a player called Eder. All this could not have worked with any other name.


Now you can understand why “they” have hindered my video count. They seem to be unable (at this time) to shut my youtube down completely so they are hindering the view count. By me proving to you that they have stopped people from liking my youtube video and keeping my video count ridiculously low, by doing this they are telling you that I am authentic!

It has just occurred to me that in the video (Angels and Demons Fight on Earth), I unintentionally showed that the stars (angels) have fallen from heaven and are now fighting on earth. (You can read that post and watch the video by clicking here).

It is an HONOUR to have been blackballed by the present controllers of the mainstream media. Now some of them will eventually have to start operating properly and let my music get its real recognition or they will be replaced or shut down. 

A shift is happening around the world e.g. Harvey Weinstein kicked out of his own organization for inappropriate behaviour and some British politicians being exposed for adultery, and inappropriate sexual behaviour. These people used to be untouchable. Not any more.

In my case – stopping my video count getting its proper views and stopping likes being registered, making it look like hardly anyone is watching my videos. Also had one of my videos banned by youtube after 34,000 plays because it was telling the truth even though I didn't mention any names or had any copyright infringements]

“They” have given me great CREDIBILITY by choosing to not let my videos get the correct recognition!

In the film, Wonder Woman (Princess Diana) did not know who she really was. She eventually realized she could do more than the average person, just like I have had to find out who I am.

In my post "The Mystery of the Pain in the Forehead" that I posted on 29th August 2017 I wrote:

I have a personal landmark date. It is the 31st August 2017. It would be 20 years to the day I began an incredibly painful spiritual journey.

The reason I mention this is because Wonder Woman’s name is Princess Diana. On the 31st August 2017, twenty years later, would be exactly the same day that Princess Diana DIED IN FRANCE.


 I am here in this weakened restricted flesh until it’s time for the transition to take place. (I know many don’t know about the transition. That’s for another time… maybe).

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Something Is Not Right - It Makes No Sense

I just wanted to share this post as it may help you to accept who you really are. 

I saw a post today about things happening much faster. I know this is true. I do believe it is NOW that the majority of us stop rejecting who we are and stop rejecting our talents and gifts (I'm talking to me too). 

I have gone through traumatizing transformations for the last 20 years. At each stage I would not accept who I am even though I would get told by beings from the spirit world who I am. One of the times I was alone in my home I heard these words come out from nowhere…

“You are a star in the universe that affects earth.”

The Harvey Wienstien situation should give you a great sign that the “darkside’s” hold on humanity has taken a huge hit. These people were untouchable. So don't give up now. It’s time to be unapologetic about who you are.

In this post I say that I am a god. I am. Does that make me perfect? No as I have a flesh body that needs to be controlled as it functions on things of this physical world. My god spirit inside me has been transformed to be perfectly me for my purpose on this planet.

I would never say that I am a god, but today, I had to accept it as I was fighting against this insane claim for some time.

It's time to take the next step in our lives.

The following is what I posted on Facebook on 25th Oct 2017


Something is not right!!!

I'm not religious but I know there are other beings in the dimension we can't see.

Usually if I make a youtube video I post it on Facebook. This time I felt within me not to post it straight away.

5 days later I check the video on youtube.

How can it have 1 view and 2 likes? That makes no sense. It would make more sense if it had 2 views and 2 likes. So with just that nonsense statistic, it proves my video has been seen more than is being counted.

We all know that videos with more views are more likely to be watched than those with hardly any views.

With over 100 subscribers on my youtube page, only one person viewed it?

It looks like “SOMEONE” doesn't want you to know what’s real. "They" choose to let dumb music and dumb messages in music go viral so the majority of people stay dumb (e.g. "Mans Not Hot")

For everyone who sees this post, go to the youtube link and “like” the video and lets see if the likes and views go up and get counted.

The video on youtube is called “Angels and Demons Fight on Earth – K STONE.”

Like the video and see if it registers. 

This is the video link.


In just 2 hours this post has reached 942 people. One person told me that they clicked on the youtube video "like" button more than once but it would not let them like the video. And out of 942 people who this post has reached, youtube is showing only 7 VIDEO VIEWS and ONE NEW LIKE. Hmmmm?????


9 hours later and this post has reached 1,505 people. YOUTUBE has registered only ONE NEW VIDEO VIEW out of the 1,505 people who have seen this post on Facebook. That makes a grand total of 8 VIDEO VIEWS and 3 LIKES. Really youtube???


14 hours later and this post has reached 2,222 people.

YOUTUBE has registered just 4 MORE VIEWS and no more likes.
That makes a total of 12 VIDEO VIEWS and 3 LIKES from 2,222 people who have seen this post. Really YOUTUBE???


The "cat's out of the bag." "They" know I am a god. Don't ask me to explain. Just ask yourself why they don't want me to show you the truth? I've been and seen things they don't want you to know about.

When a person finally accepts who they are, then ones real life can finally begin.


If you are one of the new wave of awakened warriors that will not back down, support by getting my music and t-shirts. 

It’s clear that I have been blackballed 

so buy my music through bandcamp at this link and the t-shirts on the merchandise page.

You may say... 

"You said you are a god. Create money out of thin air if you need it."

That's not how it works. We all are God. We are all different members of the complete whole. We've been given the task to use what is in this physical world to overcome those who have chosen to be on the darkside. The darkside has been very disciplined collectively for years, but now a shift has happened and their power is weakening. So all those who are God should wake up and support each other where it is needed. How you respond will affect what you receive in the world to come. 
My contribution has been letting you know things that you had no knowledge about. My knowledge should benefit you in some way. 

If you don’t stand for something, what you have can be taken from you.

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The name "Grace" and...

This is weird.  Over the last few days I keep hearing or seeing a particular females name. The name is  "Grace." I d...