Saturday, 20 January 2018

AGAIN! Synchronicity in 3 Days!!! Racism, Cyrille Regis and Harley Barber

 On 17th January 2018 I posted on facebook about the death of Cyrille Regis who was a professional football player in England.

I wrote about the racism black players suffered from around the 1970’s onwards.

I could have just wrote “RIP Cyrille” and posted a video of some of the goals he scored, but I felt I had to share the racism he had to go through for just playing a sport at the highest level.

Listen to this short clip.

In this next video you can hear former England player and TV presenter Gary Lineker mentioning what he saw at that time. Dion Dublin, a former professional footballer, reacts to what Lineker said live on TV. 

See short clip

In the facebook post I wrote 3 days ago I also said

"Why Racism still happens in 2018 is a mystery."

Some people may have thought I was exaggerating as they may not see racism or live among openly racist people, but just as with my other posts, confirmation came days later.

I do want to stress that, I could have just talked about Cyrille Regis’ talent and goals he scored but I felt to share the racism that many people did not know he suffered.


Now on the 20th January 2018 the internet is buzzing with the racist videos posted by Harley Barber.

You can hear what she says in this video.

After listening to what Cyrille had to say and then what Harley Barber had to say...

Why is there still racism in 2018?

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

WOW Synchronicity in 16 Hours - Depression Update

Look what happened less than 16 hours after my post.

In the blog called “why are more men and women suffering from depression” I mentioned this:

"On 9th January 2018 I was in a large well known supermarket in the UK. As I walked up to the cashiers to pay for my groceries I heard their conversation. One woman said,

“I am depressed and I have been depressed for some time.” 
“Yeah…” said the other cashier."

Less than 16 hours later, I saw that SAME supermarket in the news. Why? They angered customers with changes to their store cards.

In the BBC report it said:

As soon as Tesco said it was cutting some of its Clubcard rewards, customers started venting their anger. "Kick people while they're down," said one. Another called it a "blow" after saving up the vouchers for two years."
What are the chances of that happening less than 24 hours after I posted about two of Tesco’s staff complaining about being depressed, then the next day a report that the supermarket angered customers has come out? This could then cause depression in the customers who have been saving up their vouchers to use under the previous terms.

It sounds like there is an agenda to cause people to be depressed. 

When I was listening to the radio today I heard a caller call in and say to a politician,

"...You promised to build affordable housing and when the houses were built, the prices were over 200,000 pounds. The locals cannot afford that. You built these houses where people cannot afford to buy these houses as they are on minimum wage."

Doesn't all this seem so ridiculous? Why are the lower paid put in stressful situations to live out their lives in depression? Why can't these politicians take the burden off the lower paid working class' shoulders so they can enjoy their time on this earth?

You politicians and unfair rich business owners are greedy, disturbed and cruel. A shake up on this planet needs to happen, and most of these politicians need to lose their jobs for taking from the less fortunate while they live in luxury.


When I write sometimes some kind of conformation usually shows up in weeks, days and in the case of Tesco, in hours.

You can read my post about depression at this link

You can read the BBC's report about the supermarket, that was posted after my blog, at this link.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Why Are More Men and Women Suffering From Depression?

On 9th January 2018 I was in a large well known supermarket in the UK. As I walked up to the cashiers to pay for my groceries I heard their conversation. One woman said,

I am depressed and I have been depressed for some time.” 
“Yeah…” said the other cashier.

I can’t remember all what was said. They both had jobs but both unhappy with life.

A few days later, I saw in the distance a group of police standing around someone. I thought they had arrested someone. An ambulance arrived and the ambulance crew walked a few steps ahead of me. As I walked past I heard a policeman give the medical staff a run-down on what happened. I heard him say

“She has a deep cut in her wrist.”

As I was walking I looked over and saw a female sitting outside a restaurant at the restaurant table with the police standing there around her. I could see that someone had got to her and wrapped bandages around both her wrists going right up near to her elbow.

From how the police were, it came across like she had slit her own wrists. It was a strange aura around the situation. All the police who where there were all quiet as the woman sat at the table. They all stood looking at her in silence.

As I am writing this, I’ve just realized it was all women over the last few days who were suffering. I know men suffer depression too. It’s just that I have notice with the two cases that women were suffering.

As a man, I have never thought of this before... Are females being affected and losing their identity or purpose because of transgender and gay men, or other orientations, classing themselves as women?

How do women feel about their gender being hijacked by males who want to be called women?

Is society being forced to accept new ideas that cause the loss of a balance of knowing where we all stand?


I just realized in that same week I watched a TV show called “Working Class White Men.” The program was showing how a number of English white males felt like a stranger in England. This seemed to cause some of them to join a far right “race hate” organization against non English born people.

Who is causing many people to feel depressed or have a lack of identity and purpose? Is the answer, WE ALL ARE?

Whatever the media tries to force on the population you have your individual opinion to refuse what you are being persuaded to accept. Just say NO to what you don’t agree with. 

To conform to something you don’t agree with can cause depression.

On an update some months later to see how things were, one of the males who went on a march with the far right organization stopped being involved with them. He realised that people are people regardless of what colour they are. He also found love.

With him finding a girl to love, his life changed. He looked different and had a kind of glow to him.

Remember, you have the final say with what choices you make.

In conclusion:

Women, give men a chance, and men give women a chance. 

The suffering is real! 

Along with what is being constantly shown in the media, if you play emotional games with a person who is interested in you then you may be hurting someone who is genuine (causing depression), and you may end up destroying your own life in the long term (karma). 

“They” seem to want men and women to suffer mentally. Give each other a chance and you may find love.



WOW Synchronicity in 16 Hours - Depression Update

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Monday, 8 January 2018

Just When You Thought You Were Useless

I just want to encourage someone out there to realise that being you is enough.

Some people will hate you for no reason, tell lies about you, try and convince others to hate you… and so on.

On the other hand by being you can attract those who are looking for someone like you. But how can they know what you are about if you are afraid to say what is really on your mind?

As this is a brand new year, the year I call the year of the Grand Master, step out of being controlled of how you think everyone says you should be and just be you.

On my facebook page I started out promoting my page as a UK music producer. It turned into sharing the supernatural visions and signs I have, along with promoting my music.

I could have ignored posting the “other dimension” things that were revealed to me and just posted my music, but by not hiding the other things I know, it has caused people to listen and buy my music and read my posts from all over the world.

Even though it shows on Facebook that I have only 160 page likes, thousands of people read my posts.

Here is a list of just some of the countries visitors to my posts are from.
South Africa
So the message for 2018 from me is, just be you.

When is it the best time to start?


Be the grand master of your world from this moment onwards. 100 years from now you won’t be alive. When you be you there is no keeping up with trends or doing what everyone else is doing. You are always in fashion in your own world. There is no-one to compete with in your world. 

You have everything you need within you. Use it.

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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Doctor Who and the 2018 Female Energy Outpouring

Some people were probably expecting me to do a post about Doctor Who at Christmas 2017. I was holding back on purpose as I watched some things unfold.

This post is just a suggestion. Make your own mind up.

What I noticed about the Christmas Doctor Who show are the two doctors. They were the first and the last male doctors. The first and the last could be a reference to the alpha and omega. The first and the last, the beginning and the end. It certainly is the end of something and a new beginning has begun.

The female companion of Doctor Who is called Bill Potts. In one of the previous episodes she was no more as she was turned into a cyberman.

The Bill Potts that is on the show is just a memory from who she was.  An artificial intelligent body is used to use her memories.

What this can be referred to in your world is every video, post, memory or emotion that you put on facebook or other social media could have the ability to be downloaded and put inside a lifelike android robot. This would have all your characteristics and speak and behave like you.

Earlier in 2017 I posted videos showing realistic looking human android robots. The chances of all your data from social media being downloaded into one of these androids doesn't seem impossible anymore.

If I rightly remember some time ago, wasn't there a report that said people who have died who had facebook accounts could still have their facebook page respond to “like” things that they would have liked if they were alive? If that’s true then we are ready for an artificial intelligence take over.

In Doctor Who, the Doctor says Bill Potts is a duplicate. Can you imagine that they could probably create a duplicate of you by downloading all what is on your phone into a robot that is ready to walk around with all your characteristics and thoughts?

As this is going to be the first female Doctor Who I started to see other programs promoting female shows far more than usual for 2018 in the UK.

The first one that caught my eye was the TV commercial for the new Celebrity Big Brother in the UK... 

The Year of the Woman.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this is they are more than likely going to use this to change the meaning of the name “woman” to add transgender and any male who wants to be called a woman. This then may likely be forced on the viewers and the nation to accept. (Don’t accept it. If you are born with a penis you are a male. No big debate. That’s just how the body is. Anyone trying to force you to accept otherwise has an agenda to destroy the human being existence of the male and the female experience).

If gay and transgenders are in search of an identity, as they are not born women, then I have worked out a name for you. 

Aligner.” Simply means:
 someone who was born one gender but has chosen to align themselves to the opposite gender.

Now everyone’s happy.


I saw another TV advert for a new show called “Girlfriends” that is to air in 2018, and another was promoted weeks ago but starts in January is called “Derry Girls.”

I have no interest in watching any of these shows apart from seeing what happens with Doctor Who.

There is a big agenda push going on.

BUT, and this is a big BUT.

I do believe most if not all of these shows are bringing forth a negative dark energy of the uglier side of the female spirit. Why? Because I believe, at the same time, since the 1st January 2018 a brighter beautiful side of the female spirit was poured out across the earth.

Two Different Female Spirits

1 FEMALE: You have the ugly Beyonce dark energy negative, bully, men hating female spirit

2  FEMALE: You have the bright powerful female wonder spirit who understands balance and the need for the masculine and feminine existence.

The 1 female will do as they have done for years. They are more likely to have to share and be one of 7 girlfriends to one man, unless they are the bitter bullies who bully males and females to get the attention they want. They are the type to also sleep around and bully males as their insecurity level is through the roof.

This is an example of the spirit of the 1 female that has had the spotlight for years. It is so ugly.

This is why things have to be different now.

The other type of female, the 2 female, has the ability to attract a man (that’s even if she wants a relationship) and be a positive influence wherever she is.

Even though I believe the new outpouring on New Years day was of a female spirit, it also benefits straight masculine males. This new wave of the feminine spirit was missing for years but is now back to be beneficial to straight males. It’s a comfort on both sides as it brings back the team of the 2 female and straight males.

What this all reminds me of is my track called “Here Comes The Warrior.” The warrior spirit will be alive in both the male and female.

The 2 females will have the ability to bring forth that right energy that we don’t usually get to see.

I do believe it is possible that this new feminine energy that was poured out since 1st Jan could have something to do with the “Wonder Woman” that I wrote about in a previous post. Click here to see that post.

Lets see what happens from this point onwards.

This is my track
Here Comes The Warrior

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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Falling Down a Black Hole

At the beginning of December 2017 I started experiencing a sense of falling down a black hole. For two weeks it brought about terrible pressure to the sides and front of my brain. I could see with my minds eye the black hole. It looked similar to this picture but much slower.


After the first two weeks passed I could then see what looked like my mind was gliding in space. I could see this also with my minds eye. In my mind I felt pressure and depression very strongly. What I could see looked similar to this picture.

After most of the month feeling this insane pressure in my head, things changed around the 26th or 27th December.

What I could now see was like a clear glass pyramid slowly turning in the centre of my brain.

This picture is similar to what I can see now slowly turning in my brain. There was no blue colour just clear glass.

What it all means right now, I don’t know.
I wait to see what happens next.

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AGAIN! Synchronicity in 3 Days!!! Racism, Cyrille Regis and Harley Barber

  On 17 th January 2018 I posted on facebook about the death of Cyrille Regis who was a professional football player in England. ...